Great Social Media Idea: Mother's Day Fun

As promised yesterday, I'm going to continue posting some of the best ideas that have come through my suggestion box over the past few months.

Next up? This really clever and creative Mother's Day photo album from University of Texas-Dallas' Naveen Jindall School of Management. A spoof on the classic children's book Are You My Mother?, it shows photos of a stuffed UT-Dallas mascot searching campus for his mother.

Be sure to click through and check out all the pics... good stuff!

What I particularly like about it is that if offers something different from a typical "holiday" post. We all get sucked into posting things on holidays because - let's face it - it's fish-in-a-barrel engagement and it doesn't take a whole lot of brain capacity to come up with something to post. Slap up a "Happy Mother's Day everyone!" and (to borrow an unkind yet remarkably apt phrase from the hilarious Condescending Corporate Brand Page) like the wonderful barking seals they are our followers will click like.

The problem is posts like that are totally hollow and forgettable... as ephemeral and memorable as the constant firehouse of similar posts from other brands that take the lazy way out. (And don't think I'm preaching from some high horse - I'm guilty as charged doing stuff like that.)

This photo gallery, on the other hand? It's fresh, it's funny, it's nostalgic, and it makes clear to followers that some effort was taken. You really can't do much better for a Hallmark Holiday like Mother's Day.

Well done, UT-Dallas Naveen Jindall School of Management! And thanks to whomever passed along this link.

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