Great Social Media Idea: National Squirrel Day

Hello, faithful readers!

Here's a fun little idea from University of Washington that you've still got time to implement for your college later this week, in case, you know, you're into brazenly stealing ideas from other schools... which I am. (I'd appreciate it if you read that last bit in Inigo Montoya's accent.)

If your college is anything like mine, squirrels are all the rage - particularly on Instagram. A student run account at UP that features pics of squirrels on campus is, I'm pretty sure, the third-most followed UP-affiliated Instagram page (after the official ones for the school and the athletic department), which is either funny or sad, depending on your perspective.

Anyway, UW is hitching its wagon to the star that is squirrels on Instagram with this National Squirrel Day contest.

It's funny, it's silly, and it's the type of light-hearted fare that will definitely be successful in social. 

Some might question the value of spending time on these types of promotions, but that is short-sided, I think. People typically are on social media when they've got some time to kill - they are looking to be entertained, to have a laugh or two, to catch up with friends, etc. Unlike the internet, social media marketing doesn't always have to be serious business.

This is exactly the type of thing that students will enjoy taking part in and alumni will probably get a kick out of too, and hey - if it helps raise awareness about your Instagram account and leaves people with a positive feeling about your college, it's a total win in my book.

So yes... a UP version of this is likely in the next day or two.  :)

Good job, Huskies!

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