Great Social Media Idea: What Would You Do With a Master Key?

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you are probably aware that I'm a big proponent of the "College Presidents Doing Unexpected Things" video genre. I've probably posted 10 or so videos that fit into this category since I started this blog nearly two years ago (WHAT!?!?!?). 

So of course I'm an easy target for this video sent in by Southern Utah University via the suggestion box the other day. (Got a good idea? Send one to me on the box to the right!) In it, SUU president Scott Wyatt does all sorts of wild and crazy things on campus... effectively answering the question "What would you do with an SUU master key?"

Super fun, right? And it has the added benefit of showcasing some personality, displaying a sense of humor - if you haven't noticed, academic types can be a bit stuffy sometimes - and showing off campus and some of the cool things there. (Helicopter! Hiking trails! Trampolines! BALL PIT!!!) 

What differentiates this one a bit from the other ones I've shared here is that they made this interactive by offering a variety of experiences on campus - many with the president - that people can win by commenting and sharing:

Super, super cool! And successful... it's received a lot of comments and shares across SUU's social media platforms.

Great job Southern Utah, thanks for sharing this with me, and I remain - as ever - a sucker for these types of videos. One day, I'll get UP's president to do something like it.  :)

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