Happy New Year! And, a Great Winter Break Video

Happy New Year, everyone! My Christmas hiatus from the blog is officially over, and I'm ready to get cracking on semi-regular posting of best practices, great ideas, and the latest trends from the world of higher ed. You know, if I actually get around to it.

I'm actually working on a "Best of 2014" list right now, which is - naturally, ee, ee, ee - going to be fabulous, but in the meantime I've got a handful of suggestions in my inbox that I'm going to post over the next few days.

One of the things that always makes me happy is when ideas from this blog actually translate into successful projects for other schools - it shows me that this blog actually has a purpose, something I tend do doubt from time to time since it's such a hyper niche audience.

So when this great video from Green Mountain College popped up in my inbox - which was inspired by this truly delightful video from Regis University that I posted about last year - I knew I had to share it.

I always enjoy these "when the students are away, the president will play" videos, but there's something extra lovable about the sweetness that comes through here and in Regis' video, where of course there is humor but there also is some real pathos... I think it comes through pretty clear that the students are indeed missed.

Job well done, Green Mountain College, and I'm so glad to see that your community responded positively to this video idea that you spotted here on SMFC. Makes me feel good about myself, which is not an easy thing to do when the year is now 2015 and I'm staring down the barrel of my (gulp) 15th high school reunion. Sheesh.

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