Great Social Media Idea: Mascot with a Selfie Stick

Another day, another awesome idea sent in via the suggestion box!

This one comes from Carroll University, where they had their mascot Pio Pete welcome students back for the spring semester by roaming around campus with a selfie stick.

Super fun!!!

I'll let Carrie Woods of Carroll U take it from here:

I’m writing to share with you a video we just made to welcome our Pioneers back to campus. Pioneer Pete, aka Pio Pete, is our mascot. He “got himself a Selfie Stick” and we took it around campus and got students to take photos with him. It was really fun, students seemed engaged by it and we’ve had a decent response on social media so far. I’m still going to add an album of photos of the students who took selfies with Pio Pete to Facebook, but I have it on Flickr in the meantime. I wanted a reason to repost the link to the video again, so I’m stretching out the content over the next week to see how many more views/engagements we can get.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

We also posted it as a video on Facebook:

Flickr album:

Hope you enjoy it!

Thinking strategically about trying to wring the most engagement as possible out of projects like this is definitely something to keep in mind. I definitely struggle with that sometimes - you put a ton of effort into an idea, and a day after you post it, it's effectively gone from social media. Things that can build and/or have multiple layers are always helpful when you're dealing with the infinitesimally small shelf-lives of social media content.

Thanks for sending this in, Carrie, and kudos to you and your team and Carroll University!

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