Great Social Media Idea: Create Your Perfect Day

So... sometimes I post things on this blog that make me just want to give up any hopes and dreams I have for a marketing career, get really into synthesizers, and try to become a 32-year-old male version of Grimes. (Yes, it is indeed a dark night.) 

Because this? This interactive app from University of Huddersfield? This is ridiculously awesome.

I'll let Claire Court from University of Huddersfield's marketing team to give some details on what this app does:

We thought you might like to view an interactive app that we created recently, in partnership with Lonely Planet, which allows students and prospective students to create a film of their perfect day in Huddersfield.

This is such a freaking cool way to show off a city and all the different things to do in it, and the "choose your own adventure" nature of it makes you want to spend some time with it and make multiple "perfect day" videos.

I particularly appreciated the high production value of the video segments and the fun personal touches that went into them, like incorporating my name into them in several different ways.

If your college is in a town that attracts a lot of non-local students or is in a more rural area that many people aren't familiar with, creating something like this is a brilliant way to help prospective students feel excited about visiting your college and its surrounding area.

Huge, huge props to Claire and the University of Huddersfield team... even though it totally makes my own lousy work at UP pale in comparison.  :)


In which I beg for video views!

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