In which I beg for video views!

Howdy #hesm friends! I'm looking forward to featuring all sorts of great ideas on the blog this week, but today I'm going to once again beg you for a few extra video views on something I helped make for UP's Junior Parents and Families Weekend. It's a free blog and I'll never have ads on it, so consider this a teeny tiny (and hopefully enjoyable enough!) way you can help support me in my own professional endeavors.  :)

As you can probably tell, we were trying to make the parents who watched it cry, and I'm happy to report that we succeeded on that front. Well, either that, or it suddenly got very dusty where it was shown.

I'm very hopeful that many of these shots will end up being used in a new round of TV commercials for UP as well, though that remains to be determined. I think we could end up doing something pretty visually compelling (and different from the typical college institutional TV ad) with the juxtaposition of the follow shots and the face shots.

As always with videos like this, the real credit belongs to my very talented co-workers... in this case, the ace shooting and editing by Adam Guggenheim, the script help from the brilliant Brian Doyle, and the creative help from my great student worker Sammy van den Berg.

Thanks everyone, and I'll be back to the regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!


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