Great Social Media Idea: Alumni Home States

After trying - and failing - last night to get my girlfriend interested in some old school hip hop last night (apparently she doesn't appreciate it when I keep playing classic songs by Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash on YouTube when she's trying to go to bed), I thought it only fitting to an old school social media idea today - something that is great content when you need to come up with something to post and doesn't require a huge amount of planning or production. In short, the very best type of idea that can bail you out on a busy day!

So check out this fun graphic from Susquehanna University:

And don't miss the comment thread accompanying this image on Facebook - nearly 100 alumni have chimed to say what state they call home. Pretty darn awesome!

Content like this is fun, interesting, and - with a bit of graphic design skill and access to an all-alumni list - not all that time-consuming. Much as we might like to, we can't make elaborate videos or do large crowd-sourcing campaigns every day... it's good, solid, engaging posts like this that keep pages going in between major promotions and that separate pages that are truly exceptional to ones that have occasional moments of brilliance between a whole lot of fluff.

Well done, Susquehanna U!


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