Great Social Media Idea: Athletics Flashmob

Flashmobs at athletics events have been done so often at this point that it is extremely difficult to come up with an idea that is fresh and original. So hats (or, should I say, jackets!) off to the University of Maryland athletics department for pulling off this beauty:

Not surprisingly, this video has gone absolutely bonkers since it was posted on Wednesday morning - 630,000+ views and counting in under 12 hours. Incredible. And that's just on Facebook. Multiple versions of the video are on YouTube, and it's made headlines in all sorts of national sports media.

What I love most about it is the brilliance - and simplicity! - of the yellow t-shirt reveal. Jackets! It's such a perfect way to pull off something like that, and it looked absolutely incredible.

Of course this worked really well for an athletics event, but I could also see the jacket reveal maneuver used at something like orientation or graduation or some other big event where lots of students are involved.

Anyway, I'm not sure how many people reading this are also involved in helping out with their college's athletics social media (I help out a little bit from time to time), but if you're ever involved with planning something like this, this example from Maryland is one of the best.

Way to go, Terps!

Coming Next Week: Graduation Week!

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