And the Best St. Patrick's Day Social Media Post Award Goes To...

I love this because it's a simple idea executed beautifully... bold, bright photo; concise copy; and a really funny joke. (To those not from the greatest state in the union, allow me to clarify - the primary color for OSU's main rival - University of Oregon - is green.)

For as much as I love complex videos and campaigns that take lots of effort, it's always important to remember that generally the most popular things on social media can be understood in two seconds, have a strong image, and are funny - all elements in this great post from Oregon State.

Sing it with me, my friends! Land of the empire builders, land of the golden west, conquered and held by free men, fairest and the best. Onward and upward ever, forward and on, and on; hail to thee, land of heroes, my Oregon. (This is definitely best enjoyed watching an adorable old man in a bowtie singing it.)

Yep, my state song beats your state song. And Oregon State wins St. Patrick's Day.


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