Great Social Media Ideas for Graduation: Part Two

Graduation Week continues with this great graduation countdown and hubpage from Florida State University.  I actually wrote about it last year too, but it's such a swell idea that I figured I would write about it again! (And also because I got tricked by the huge number of suggestions I got over the weekend... when I got around to reading them all tonight, turns out none of them were actually about graduation. Go figure.)

In a lot of ways this is more helpful as a hubpage for all the pertinent info for students and parents than it is as a social media idea, but there is a lot of smart social media integration throughout, from the Facebook covers to the Storify live-feed of crowd-sourced social media posts related to FSU's graduation.

I'll be keeping tabs on this to see if they start adding more content as graduation gets closer, but in the meantime... I might just go ahead and see if my superstar student worker could put together a page like this for UP!

RIP Sweet Briar College

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