Great Social Media Idea: Personalized Gifs for Admissions

Here's a fun one from the always-great Meg Bernier from St. Lawrence University!

Wanted to send you a note about something my Student Social Media Team did to welcome admitted students. They created personalized GIFs for me to share on SM when students tweeted their acceptance to St. Lawrence! I’m biased but think they are pretty cool - I tweeted one on my own account @msteverb but have also been tweeting them most of the day on @stlawrenceu. We’ve had a great response!

I've pasted a few of the gifs below, and they are super fun, but be sure to check out how they are being incorporated into the tweets back at the prospective students. The easiest way to see that might be to search on the #stlawu2019 hashtag, but you can also see them all on St. Lawrence's twitter feed.

The personalization is so awesome, and is such a special little touch that totally fits in with the reputation for smaller schools like St. Lawrence (and UP, where I work) that they really care about the individual and that students aren't just a number. (This should be playing in the background when you read that.)

The fact that the gifs are coming from their (hopefully, for St. Lawrence anyway!) future classmates makes it that much better and genuine. I mean... just look at all these wonderful smiling faces:


Good stuff, Meg and St. Lawrence Student Social Media Team!!!

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