Great Social Media Idea: Research Video Done Right

Hello and happy Thursday, all you wonderful higher ed social media folks!

I am very excited to share this fantastic video from George Mason University, highlighting some very cool research by two engineering students:

An action-packed video featuring flames, faculty talk, and smart students, all in under a minute? Perfection.

Not to mention a video like this is perfectly built for social media sharing, unlike most faculty/research-focused videos that feature lots of talking heads and, very likely, slider shots of beakers. So many beakers. Beakers on beakers. And maybe a professor and a student pointing at a computer screen.

I should mention that I didn't come across this on George Mason's social media sites. Instead, it was on the first page of Reddit the other day, proof positive that it was a cool enough video to get lots and lots of upvotes - and views... it's almost at 500,000 now - from the internet's hivemind. 

Big ups to George Mason and these very bright students for this awesome video!

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