Great Social Media Idea: Campus Easter Egg Hunt

It's that time again on Social Media for Colleges when I write about myself. Mainly because I'm feeling too lazy to search for great ideas from other college, but also because what I'm going to share today features an adorable bunny.

To wit:


Milo (the ridiculously cute bunny from above) belongs to my super awesome student worker Sammy, who had the brilliant idea of using him to promote a campus Easter Egg hunt that we will be doing on Wednesday. It being an adorable animal and this being the internet, not surprisingly this video has blown up UP's social media in the few hours since I posted it.

And even if you don't have access to a fluffy bunny, the egg hunt itself is a fun idea that isn't too late for you to implement if you wanted to. All we're doing is hiding 250 or so eggs all over campus that have candy and a little "fortune cookie"-type slip of paper wishing people a happy Easter and asking them to post a pic of their egg on social media using our hashtags.

I did an egg hunt last year as well, and it was very popular, though we only did about 100 eggs and they went very quickly, despite what we thought were pretty good hiding spots. So, we upped the amount a bit this year... hopefully that will help. We put 15 or so "golden tickets" in some of the eggs that students can redeem for a gift card to a local restaurant - we'll promote that Wednesday morning and maybe do a few "teaser" pics, similar to what George Mason University did with an Instagram scavenger hunt last year.

Should be a lot of fun... here's hoping the weather will cooperate!

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