Great Social Media Idea: Weekly Instagram Challenge

Quick post today... my girlfriend and I only have one episode left in season two of The Bletchley Circle, and if we don't get it started by 9PM I'm going to be in big trouble. Can't risk any of that beauty sleep!

So check out these fun weekly Instagram challenges Illinois State University has been doing:

All the submissions are tagged with #RedBirds2015, with at least some of the weekly challenges offering a chance to win some school gear.

Anyone working in social media knows there are some real challenges crowd-sourcing photos from Instagram - particularly among college-aged kids - because so many of them have their accounts protected for privacy. I don't have any hard stats on this, but sometimes when I've done a unique hashtag I can sometimes see only 30% or so of the photos that actually get uploaded, which can be really frustrating.

However, that doesn't mean you can't get good stuff still, so big props to Illinois State for doing creating opportunities to have some fun with Instagram and crowdsource some great pics.


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