Great Social Media Idea: Graduation GoPro

Hello dear readers! I'm back from lovely Maui... a little bit tanner, and a lot bit in love with shave ice. (Seriously - why is there not a shave ice stand on every street corner in American? Some things I'll just never understand.)

I've got quite a few ideas in the suggestion box (thanks for sending them in, everyone!), so I'm going to post several of them this week. First up, a fun GoPro graduation video from my high school buddy (Go Falcons!) Travis McGuire at Linfield College:

Here’s an idea for the blog. We’re always looking for new ways to incorporate video from Linfield’s Commencement ceremony. This year, we decided to unleash a GoPro as our grads entered the Commencement Green with a note that said, “The GoPro is recording. Smile and pass it along. #Linfield15.” The grads seemed to enjoy it. Here’s the video. Enjoy!

Really love the idea of just passing around a GoPro and seeing what you get... I've had a lot of success doing that with disposable cameras (see here and here), and a GoPro brings it to another level with the video component. Nice one, Travis!

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