Great Social Media Idea: Emoji Descriptions

Hello dear friends! So... I fell off the blogging wagon for a while there. Been busy working on a new TV commercial, and - well - I just got to majorly slacking off. Also, my nieces introduced my girlfriend and me to the show When Calls the Heart, and it has sucked us in completely in all its Hallmark Channel, Anne of Green Gables meets Little House on the Prairie goodness. What a life I lead. Truly.

I'm going to try to get back into the swing this week, since the start of a new school years is sneaking up on all of us and now is a great time to plan some fun social media ideas for orientation and move-in.

To get us started off easy, here's a really cute idea from UC Davis, in which they invited people to describe their college using only emojis to celebrate World Emoji Day:

Posted last Friday, it has elicited 59 emoji descriptions and counting, all of which are equal parts silly and hilarious. 

Though UC Davis did this in conjunction with World Emoji Day (for me, basically Christmas and the 4th of July all rolled up into one), it's an idea that can be "borrowed" at any time. I myself snatched the idea up and posted it today (Sunday) on UP's Instagram, and it has proven to be pretty popular... who knew so many students would use the various beer emoji? Must be a Portland thing. Or maybe just a college thing. I wouldn't know... all I did was study and go to church in college.

Anyway, I love goofy stuff like this for summer social media content. It's perfectly OK to have some fun with your followers, and who knows... you just may end up with something really interesting that a very brave and forward-thinking magazine editor might include in a future issue. (Hint hint, Brian Doyle!)

Good stuff, Aggies!


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