Great Social Media Idea: Must-haves for Move-in

Incoming students the summer before freshman year. There isn't a group in the entire #hesm constellation of target markets more ripe for delivering you some sweet, sweet social media engagement. They are so excited for school to start, and they aren't yet jaded by homework, annoying roommates, and lousy food at the cafeteria.

Which is why generating content specifically for them is the closest thing this side of cat videos (my current, and forever, fave) in terms of shooting fish in the engagement barrel, so to speak.

There are lots and lots of examples of this, but I came across this quick and easy "Must-haves for Move-in" list from USC today, and I thought it was a top-notch post (How many hyphens can I get in this sentence? Let's find out!) ready-made for eager-beaver incoming students to click and consume... in other words, a shoo-in for a successful post.

I think the most illustrative thing in a post like this is seeing how creating a successful blog post doesn't have to be a major time investment. This would be a great project for a student worker with some writing skills and internet savvy, or it could be something to do on a slow summer day (Like those exist in higher ed marketing, amirite?) when need something to do that can kill an hour or two.

And there are lots of lists geared toward incoming students that would make a lot of sense - tips on getting along with roommates; campus lingo to learn; things to do in town; places to eat; etc etc.

Well done, USC!


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