Great Social Media Idea: Faculty Read from Yik Yak

This blog is going up on a Tuesday with this great video from Keele University in the UK.

Similar to the great "Mean Tweets" videos from Jimmy Kimmel (and maybe even inspired by this awesome Reading from Rate My Professor video from Lehigh University?), this video features professors reading some funny and school-spirited posts from Yik Yak:

Though Yik Yak has a somewhat deserved reputation as a bit of an unsavory place, what I like about this video is that is shows off what Yik Yak can be like when it's at its best - funny, sincere, and (believe it or not) sweet. Watching this video, you definitely get a sense that Keele University is a place with a tight-knit community that cares about its students and is the type of place students really enjoy being at.

As someone who browses my college's Yik Yak feed pretty regularly - and even using it now and then to promote or spread the word about something - I am often heartened by the sweetness and genuine appreciation for the school community that is shown. Of course, you have to find those little gems among slag heaps of dick jokes and hook-up requests, but I guess I'm just a yak-half-full kind of guy.

Nice job, Keele, and thanks to Jim Tudor of the Future Index for sending this my way!



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