Great Social Media Idea: Footprints in the Quad

Not gonna lie... the title of this post is making me laugh way more than it should. (Reference, for those whose mom didn't put up a framed photo of this in the bathroom.)

I often gravitate toward flashy stuff when I write about things on this blog, but sometimes you have to just pause and appreciate something that's simple and really cool.

Like this Instagram photo from University of Michigan:

Don't you just love that? I can't say specifically where on campus the Michigan campus this is located, but it's somewhere prominent enough that plenty of students have stopped and taken pictures of it to share on their own social media accounts... which can be seen with some quick browsing on the common U of M hashtags.

I love small, silly, unexpected things like this, and I think it's really smart given our current culture of always being on the lookout for something cool to share on social media. Ever since Instagram came along, I definitely find myself looking for funny/interesting/unique/surprising things any time I am walking around campus or around the city, and I can only imagine what I would do if I stumbled across something like this on my own college campus. (It's pretty easy to imagine, actually - I'd take a pic with my phone, slap a little Sierra filter on it, boost the Lux, and Instagram that ish!)

Our collective mission for the next few weeks? Get out of the office and create some sort of street art-inspired thing that students will stop and Instagram. Tweet me your results @joekuffner


Great Social Media Idea: #ThinkAndDo

Long day... gonna keep this post quick.

Today's great #hesm idea comes from North Carolina State, with their successful #thinkanddo Instagram contest.

Done in conjunction with a fully integrated institutional marketing campaign, this Instagram contest has been going on for quite some time now. 

It invites students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to tag photos that creatively show how they live out the "Think and Do" message in their lives. Not surprisingly, many of the entries showcase academic work and research, but there are a lot of photos of people doing things in the community, participating in school-related activities, etc.

Every month, a winner is selected for a prize... it looks like this month the prize is a GoPro - not too shabby!

I like this photo contest more than a lot of other ones I've seen because it encourages photos that show people being actively involved rather than just beauty/scenic/artistic shots. As nice as beautiful sunset pics are, pics of kids building something in a lab is a lot more useful as crowd-sourced marketing collateral and also gives access to photos that are often very difficult to get - kids working late at nigh in labs, students volunteering, clubs taking part in competitions, students studying abroad, etc.

Well done, Wolfpack!