The Most Awesomest New Blog EVER

The world is finally getting what it's been crying out for so desperately... a new social media blog!!!

(Hold the applause, hold the applause...)

But for realsies... this blog should hopefully serve a real purpose: Providing ideas, inspiration, tips, tricks, and best practices for the lucky among us who manage social media for colleges. (We few, we happy few, we band of higher ed social media brothers.) Well, that and stroking my own ego, which is equally, if not more, important.

Have you ever noticed that most social media writing on the internet sucks? Because it does. Really badly. In pretty much every possible way. Useless listicles. Useless insight. Useless examples. Useless, useless, useless.

For years, I've searched for a site that simply posts up examples of cool, fun ideas from the social media world. No click-whoring. No SEOing (or whatever the hell the right verb is, but you know what I mean). No terrible, horrible, no good, very bad advice. Just endless samples of cool ideas from people on the social media front lines, from like-minded organizations. Plus some helpful links. Plus some Q&As with the actual people who are posting that cool stuff. Plus some killer tunes, because killer tunes always make things better.

Alas, such a nirvana of an actually useful social media blog doesn't exist, at least not for those of us in the wonderful niche of higher education/non-profit. So, here I stand... not the blogger college social media managers deserve, but the blogger college social media managers need. In other words, I'm Batman. Booyah! (Batman would never say Booyah, would he? Sigh...)

Here's hoping I actually stay committed to this darn thing!

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