Great Pinterest and Facebook Idea: School Pride Pets

If there's one, single solitary truth about the internet, it's that animals are king. From cats to dogs to sloths to sneezing pandas, we internet denizens fawn over fauna. Which is what makes this hilarious photo compilation from the University of Michigan Pinterest page so pitch perfect:

Cats in hats, dogs in skirts: So cute it hurts!

Cats in hats, dogs in skirts: So cute it hurts!

Congrats University of Michigan... you win the internet! This is pure gold (and blue, natch).

They invited people across their social media presence to submit photos of animals wearing Michigan gear, and their audiences responded in droves. Like any good cross-platform social media initiative, some pinned them, some posted them on Instagram, some posted them on their Facebook wall... Michigan made it as easy as possible for people to be involved, which is always a good lesson to keep in mind. They collated all of them and created both a Pin board and posted a fun collage on Facebook. This is the type of idea that is born for sharing and engagement.

Bonus University of Michigan gallery... check out this great pin board of "Future Wolverines," i.e. babies and kids wearing Michigan gear. Great stuff, and you can just see that gallery and the pets one having a life beyond social media in places like the alumni magazine and in development pieces. Versatile, user-generated content is always something we should always strive for. Well done, UM!

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