Back from Europe, but off to Grand Canyon!

Hello friends! So... here's the thing. I've been seriously delinquent with this blog the past month. But it's not due to (only) sheer laziness. Very last minute, my fabulous, wonderful, awesome boss sent me over to Salzburg, Austria (aka the most beautiful city in the world!) for two weeks to work on a photo and video project celebrating the 50th anniversary of the University of Portland's study-abroad program there. It. Was. AWESOME. And here's proof that I was actually there, and am not just using it as an excuse to curry favor with readers who think I'm just a no account, good-for-nothing slacker:

Salzburg selfie!

Salzburg selfie!

And more proof... heaven is a place with pretzel stands and sausage carts around every corner.

The whole trip was a whirlwind - I had only a week to prepare for it and lots of work to do while there - and I returned home a few days ago to a mountain of email. So, yes... sadly, this blog has taken a back seat.

Even worse... this Friday I head south for a vacation to LA and the Grand Canyon. For something like 8 or 9 days. Which means, again, this blog will have to lie fallow for a bit longer and all ya'll will be deprived of my genius higher ed social media insight.

I haven't forgotten you, my dear readers... please don't forget me. Catch you all on the flip side!

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