Great Social Media Ideas: An Orientation Cornucopia! (Not Like the Hunger Games)

The craziness of move-in mania hasn't ended for me quite yet (I spent most of Monday in a mascot outfit, to give you an idea of what my week has been like) , so this is going to be a bit of an experimental post for me, in which I just link up a few ideas that I like and don't provide much commentary. Chances are you will like it better than my usual posts, because I'm a lousy writer who loves to use as many words as possible... not a good combo. So enjoy it while it lasts!

Best. Class Photo. Ever. - Carnegie Mellon University

Class photos in the shape of letters or numbers are a dime a dozen, but in the shape of a mascot?!? Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.  And if the mascot is a Scotty dog? Even better.


Opening Week Instagram Challenge - Texas A&M

The first 12 days of school is the PERFECT time to do something like this, and 12 is a good number... a monthly challenge is just too much. Students are excited to be back, lots of people have just started following you on social media, and everyone has a lot of free time - tests and homework haven't kicked in yet. Really wish I would have had the same idea for UP. But hey, I guess it's not too late, right? Right!  


Dorm Decoration Inspiration - Marist College

Leave it to a Red Fox for coming up with an actual useful use of Pinterest for a college! 

Leave it to a Red Fox for coming up with an actual useful use of Pinterest for a college! 

Pinterest is a difficult beast for higher ed in terms of finding a real use and good content, but Marist does a brilliant job leveraging the very best of the platform for a real use - dorm decoration tips! Awesome idea, and super helpful too.

Final note: This was a very nepostic post for me, because my brother used to teach at Carnegie Mellon, my cousin just graduated from Texas A&M, and several family members are proud Marist alumni. Apparently when you work 12 hour days, you come home to mama!  :) 

Music at Midweek: Jim Noir

Great Facebook Idea: User-Generated Top Ten List