Great Social Media Idea: Dead Week Coffee Delivery... with a GoPro

I've written about spontaneous coffee deliveries before, but I wanted to share a new twist I put on the idea this year - strapping a GoPro to the cups while making the delivery!

Full disclosure - I actually shot and edited this thing too, which is definitely not my strong suit... I'm trying to force myself to do more video work, because it's a skill set that I know is only going to grow in value as the years progress. So, please excuse the roughness of it. (And, yes, I need to give a hat tip to the ridiculous Wedding Fireball Whiskey Cam GoPro video for inspiration.)

Finals week is very likely coming up soon on your campus, and students are super stressed out. So why not bring some joy and brightness into their lives? A little act of kindness like this can go a long way. Do it!!!


George Fox University Wins Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!