Great Social Media Idea: Sharing the Love

OK... super quick post today, because I'm writing this before I leave for work. Blogging while binge-watching Sherlock is no easy task.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so among all the copious posts about snow (not that I blame you - I posted a bunch of them too) there have been quite a few about Valentine's. One that jumped out at me was Oklahoma State University's "Orange Crush" promotion - a very sweet idea with a killer name.

They put a lot of work into putting together a great prize package, and it worked: Go check out Oklahoma State's Facebook wall to see the wonderful stories and photos that have already been posted. This contest was only posted an hour or so ago, and already there are several really lovely submissions that are good enough to make any alumni magazine editor salivate.

People that met in college and end up getting married and starting families are forever the backbone of a lot of universities. They are the people that donate the most, that send their kids to go to school there, that wear the college gear all over town, etc. They are our most passionate supporters, and it's nice to do something that highlights their stories and lets you hear directly from them about how their college experiences shaped their future families.

Good stuff, Cowboys!

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