Great Social Media Idea: Christmas Video!

It's 12/12, which means it should be a really fun post today, right? Right! I'm all about symmetry, and 12 has all sorts of mystical powers... I mean, just look at 12's Wikipedia page

Aaaaaaaaanyway... enough of that nonsense, and onto an awesome, fun, authentic, and super-fly fantastic Christmas video from Full Sail University. It's a re-telling of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, with the words changed to reflect the unique attributes of Full Sail. Check it out:

Super fun, right? 

This was passed along to me by Jimi Kunkel, social media strategist at Full Sail (THANK YOU!), and here's some extra context about this project from Jimi:

Our team built the set and rewrote Twas the Night Before Christmas...Full Sail style. Then we rounded up our film students and faculty to help us put together this video. 

The also released a different video on Instagram, with a different message but using the same (amazing!) set:

Full Sail is famous for its programs in the creative arts like film production, audio engineering, and those pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. With that in mind, it's awesome to see that this Christmas message utilized the great creative energy of Full Sail's students and faculty.

Also, it does well showing off some incredible facilities (look at that studio OMG!) - which is a definite plus for any prospective students who might come across this video - and tailoring the wording in the video to really resonate authentically with people connected to the University.

I definitely think that in instances like this, it's always better to be specific rather than generic. Anyone can be generic, but only you can be you. (Deep wisdom, huh?)

Anyway, Full Sail does really great stuff on social media, so its well worth checking them out - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

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