Great Social Media Idea: #ColgateDay

Here's the deal. I was out most of Thursday night (for work... really!), then I watched the Blazers beat the Rockets (19-4 now - what what!), and now I'm too tired to go put together a links roundup like I usually do on Fridays. It's a free blog... you get what you pay for.

Instead, I'm going to just point you in the direction of Colgate University, which is conducting a one day challenge - #ColgateDay - all day Friday, 12/13. If they can get 1,300 people to donate before midnight, an anonymous donor will give $1 million. Wow! (Click here for the main fundraising website.)

I've written about Colgate a few times on the blog already, and I'm really exciting to see what they will do on social media today to help reach their goal. I'm already mesmerized by Colgate's homepage - is that a gif? is that video? - and I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled to Colgate's Facebook and Twitter.

At the time I'm writing this, it's 11PM Western time (2AM Eastern), and Colgate already has 235 donors (!!!), has hosted an on-campus giveaway for students at midnight, and has tweeted out photos of students manning phone banks ready to take donations. Impressive. Can't wait to see what's coming.

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