Great Social Media Idea: Engaging Admitted Students

So, this isn't necessarily a unique idea, but I came across this post from Texas A&M University today - by the way, Texas A&M is basically the OG of kicking ass on social media in higher ed... if you don't follow them across all platforms, you're missing out - and it leapt out at me as an original approach to an important concept that we all need to be doing.

I've posted similar things from Santa Clara and Indiana University, but any time I see students holding up signs that were sent with their acceptance letters, I absolutely love it. It's such an easy way to get meaningful engagement with prospective students - they are excited about the college search process and proud to have been accepted by your institution - and, double bonus, all of their friends (also prospective students!) will see whatever they post on social media.

Just do a quick search on #TAMU19 and #AggieBound and see all the fantastic pics kids are submitting... this stuff is a veritable gold mine of great social media crowd-sourced content, and in addition to helping prospective students connect with each other and providing great material for admissions websites, these pictures can be used to great effect at orientation and, thinking way down the line, graduation.

Anyway, like I said - this is an oldie but a goodie, and absolutely something everyone should be doing.

Props, Aggies!

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